About us

We are a proud British company on a mission to spread positive energy around the world through our fun character – Tizzy, the elf..


 Our mission is simple: to make apps fun, spread love, encourage imagination, and bring joy to our little friends. We want to providing an interactive and positive alternative to normal phone apps and streaming services for kids. 


Our family-friendly app is meant to create memories that will last forever! We are proud of where we come from and are grateful to have the opportunity to share our little friend Tizzy with families 
all around the world. 


We encourage everyone to help spread love and positive energy,
 and together we can have some fun,
one elf move at a time!


What is the purpose?









Our Story

Keith & Ben

Hey there, nice to meet you! Keith and Ben here, the father-son duo, and the founders of Tizzy. We started this amazing journey together when Ben wanted to take part in Elf on the Shelf throughout the build up to Christmas in 2022. The reality of this commitment and occasionally forgetting to position the elf became too much 😌. That’s when Keith decided to use his background in the tech world, from Virtual Reality to App creation – and he following January, he used his skills to create the augmented reality elf- that’s how Tizzy was born! 😃

We wanted to find a way to spread some happiness and engaging content for kids like Ben, all across the world. The kids (and even the adults) who have tried Tizzy AR app have always described it as positive, bubbly and interactive app.

Thank you for supporting us and being a part of this adventure in helping us materialise our dream. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the latest features that we keep adding and that they can be a part of your fun memories!

Big hugs, Keith & Ben

“The unprecedented global changes to the entertainment industry gave me a chance to focus on my creative and technical spirits. After spending many years in VR, I suddenly found myself to pivot and decided to use my creativity to design a character that would stand out. Though it started out as a fun project for my son, I am determined to entertain and bring joy to the world in new ways. That’s how the idea to create Tizzy, the elf came to be. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers!”


“I always loved the elves, and the magical feeling, especially around Christmas. In fact, it is so much more than just a character to me. Especially Tizzy, the elf represents fun with my father and family. I love watching, dancing and singing with Tizzy, and I think all the kids would fall in love with Tizzy the way I did and I can’t wait to share it with all kids around the world.”


Maybe you’re wondering how our dream got its name. Here are some of the names that were on our list – Taffy, Elf Friends Forever, The Half Elf Company, Real BEFF (Best Elf Friends Forever), Red Elf, Tazzy..

Tizzy was the one we loved, after all.

et voila.