Are you part of a PTA group that is looking to raise funds for your school? We can help with a Tizzy sponsorship!

Tizzy is a Christmas elf so perfect for raising funds eg via a school disco in November or December.

Contact us for a no commitment chat. You may have some of your own ideas, here’s some activities we’ve done with other schools:

  • Free bag of sweets for everyone
  • Free Tizzy stickers
  • Competition with kids using the ‘Elfie Selfie’ part of the app
  • Goodies & prizes on the night, eg for best dancer


Any of the agreed budget that isn’t spent on the ideas above goes straight to school funds. No commitment to share any images on social media, just a call out for Tizzy. We want to be inclusive as possible, so most activities won’t have any commitment to purchase the Tizzy app, however we do want to encourage parents get the app for their child, so some ‘bigger’ competitions like the ‘Elfie Selfie’ competition will incorporate getting the app.